Cape Cod Catboat (Bluejacket 1:16)

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Cape Cod Catboat (Bluejacket 1:16)

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Scale: 3/4" = 1' (1:16)
Length: 20"



The catboat has been recognized as one of the true American boats. Its most successful version was developed for the difficult fishing and lobstering conditions along Massachusett’s Cape Cod. They worked as much as 30 miles offshore in shallow waters with strong tides. They had to be shoal draft, fast, seaworthy, weatherly, and inexpensive. It was a tall order…but the catboat did it all and more. Catboats exist today as popular yachts.

Plank on bulkhead model, with laser cut basswood and mahogany parts, is a fine example of this purpose developed boat.

Scale: 3/4" = 1' (1:16)
Length: 20"


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