Combo Set #5 - Q-Ship "Hunter"

Combo Set #5 - Q-Ship "Hunter"

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AM1450 Amati Q-Ship "Hunter" with glues, tools and book.
Scale 1:100
Height: 16.1 inches
Width: 8.3 inches
Length: 22.4 inches



Combo Set #5 Includes:

• AM1450 Amati Q-Ship Hunter
• Tool Set
• BSI101 - 1/2 Oz BSI Insta-Cure
• BSI106 - 1/2 Oz BSI Insta-Cure+
• BSI161 - 1 Oz BSI Un-Cure CA Remover
• Reference Book

AM1450 Amati Q-Ship Hunter
This Amati model represents a merchant ship, armed as a schooner, built at the beginning of the last century and mainly used as a collier.

Precut wooden frame assembly. Single planked hull construction in Walnut. Planked Tanganyka decks. Hull and deck fittings made from Brass, Walnut, Boxwood, and Beech. Cast Metal decorations. Ramin mast and yards. Various sizes of cord for standing and running rigging. Walnut deadeyes and Walnut or Boxwood rigging blocks. Multi-language instruction manual.

Scale 1:60
Length 22.8” Height 18.9"

Note: Image of glues is just for general reference and does not reflect the actual items included in this set. The actual BSI products included in this set are those listed in the description above.


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