Fahrtregler Quicrun WP1060 Brushed (Krick)

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Fahrtregler Quicrun WP1060 Brushed (Krick)

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Fahrtregler Quicrun WP1060 Brushed (Krick)

Part #KR67051



Electronic speed controller for infinitely variable speed adjustment of electric motors. Universally applicable in RC Cars 1:10 & 1:12 and RC ships up to an engine size of 540/550. With switchable reversing function and brake. Suitable for PB, NiMH or LiPo batteries. LiPo battery protection through automatic detection of the final discharge voltage in LiPo mode.

Technical highlights

  • Waterproof
  • Compact design
  • Overheat protection
  • Automatic detection of transmitter paths
  • Receive signal monitoring
  • Simple programming via jumpers

Technical data
Voltage range 6 - 11.1 V
NiMH rechargeable batteries/ NiCd rechargeable batteries 5-9 cell
LiPo rechargeable batteries 2-3 cell
Lead-acid battery 6V (3 cells) Continuous load capacity
60 A forwards, 30A backwards
Load capacity for a short time 360 A forwards, 180 A backwards
Internal resistance forwards 0.001 ohms, reverse 0.002 ohms
Driving modes forward/brake/reverse or forward/brake or forward/reverse (ship mode)
Suitable motors when operating with 2S Lipo or 7.2 V NiMH size 540/550 min. 12 turns, speed < 30000 rpm at 7.2 V
Suitable motors for operation with 3S Lipo or 10.8 V NiMH size 540/550 min. 18 turns, speed < 20000 rpm at 7.2 V
Reverse function yes, can be switched off
BEC yes, 3A / 6V switch mode
Connector battery side Tamiya socket protected against polarity reversal
Connector motor side 4 mm round
Sockets connection to the receiver universal servo cable JR compatible
Undervoltage protection yes
dimensions without cable 36.5x32x18 mm
weight approx. 39 g


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