Santisima Trinidad (Artesania Latina, 1:84)

Santisima Trinidad (Artesania Latina, 1:84)

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Santisima Trinidad Model Ship by Artesania Latina
Part # AL22901
Scale: 1:84
Lenght: 46.88'' (1191 mm)
Height: 35.63'' (905 mm)
Width: 18.26'' (464 mm)




With a 100% new design of the model after the work of their professional team of modelers, the wooden model vessel kit of the famous Spanish ship of the line Santísima Trinidad at 1:84 scale is a must on the collection of ship replicas of any expert modeler.

For its creation, Artesania Latina have studied the plan found in Saint Petersburg and the monograph by Joaquín Rodríguez Crespo, with unprecedented historical fidelity. This model accurately represents what the ship looked like at the end of its life, at the Battle of Trafalgar, with the correct artillery. It is a perfect miniature of the flagship of the Spanish Navy.

The modeler can find in this new edition Trafalgar 1805 kit parts of the highest quality even in solid wood: 14 sheets of precision lasercut plywood made of basswood and 6 spectacular photo-etched plates in brass with parts such as lanterns, railings or details of the canyons. Also, 10 packs of strips and rods, and American oak veneer. All blocks and deadeyes for the rigging are prefabricated. Brass rods and tubes are included too.

Likewise, be surprised by the incredible number of 18 pre-sewn sails made of cotton fabric -ready to be placed-, cotton threads, translucent acetates, adhesive flags in textured fabric and, as a gift so that the model is perfectly exposed, like a jewel of naval modeling that it is, a wooden exhibition base with a metal name plate.

For its assembly, you have a QR code that, when you scan it with your mobile or tablet, takes you to the product sheet of Santísima Trinidad on our website, where you can freely download the instructions, which are completely redesigned: clarifying step-by-step photos (more than 800 pages on digital format, not on paper), as well as 10 demo videos -click here to watch them- with some of the most important steps. No printed instructions available. It includes two printed posters: one with the 1:1 scla model and another with the parts list and sails identification. Remember that the assembly guide can be found in this product sheet, by clicking on the button called 'Instructions and Downloadable Content'. 

In addition, the naval modeling kit of the Spanish vessel comes with several paper templates to make the building process of the model easier. Among other functions, they are used to arrange the elements on the decks and to place the embrasures and other objects on the sides of the hull. Speaking of the hull, its structure can be assembled as if it were a 3D puzzle.

With this faithful 1:84 scale replica, you can represent correctly the appearance and artillery of the Santísima Trinidad in the battle of Trafalgar since it brings the howitzers that the ship carried in great detail -144 cannons-. Likewise, modelers who wish to lining the hull of the magnificent model of the Spanish ship are in luck because the kit includes copper tape to be able to do it below the waterline.

Once it is assembled, the model of Santísima Trinidad (22901), measures 46.88'' (1191 mm) length, 35.63'' (905 mm) height and 18.26'' (464 mm) width. Its design using a false keel and frames brings its assembly closer to the real ship. Achieve the best finishes for your 1:84 scale model by painting it with the Set of Paints Santísima Trinidad (277PACK30), for sale separately.

As a bonus, the modeling kit of the Spanish ship of the line Santísima Trinidad comes with 5 die-cast figures.



Santisima Trinidad (officially Nuestra Señora de la Santísima Trinidad) was a Spanish vessel with 120 guns at first, extended to 144 later. It was the largest ship of its time, so it received the nickname of El Escorial de los Mares, and was one of the few line ships of four bridges that existed.

Despite this, it was not very effective because of its clumsiness and slow navigation. It is remembered most of all for its tragic end at the Battle of Trafalgar (October 21st, 1805). It was under the orders of the squad leader Baltasar Hidalgo de Cisneros, and Francisco Javier de Uriarte y Borja as flag captain.

After a hard fight was captured by the English in very bad conditions, with more than 200 dead and 100 injured. The English made every effort to save it and take it to the English port of Gibraltar, being towed by the frigates HMS Naiad and HMS Phoebe. However, it would finally sink October 24th, some 25 or 28 miles south of Cádiz. 

Symbol of the end of Spanish power in the seas, the greatest war weapon of its time now remains at the bottom of the sea. Its artillery were extracted and installed at the entrance of the Pantheon of Maritime Illustres located at the School of Suboficiales of the Navy, in San Fernando (Cadiz).


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