IJN Mogami Heavy Cruiser 1942 (Yankee Models)

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IJN Mogami Heavy Cruiser 1942 (Yankee Models)

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Yankee Modelworks IJN Mogami Heavy Cruiser 1942

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Yankee Modelworks IJN Mogami Class Heavy Cruiser (1942 version) Kit #35069

The MOGAMI class cruiser was 661 feet long, 59.1 feet wide and had a draft of 18.1 feet. She had 10 each 8”, 8 each 5” and 8 each 25mm guns along with 12 each 21” torpedo tubes. She carried 3 aircraft. She was built at Kaigun Kosho, Kure, Japan in 1937. The MOGAMI was the first of four cruisers laid down under the terms of the London Naval Treaty. She and her three sisters were originally designed with fifteen 6.1 inch guns in triple turrets, but these were replaced in 1939 with ten 8.1 inch guns in twin turrets. This armament was changed after MOGAMI was almost destroyed at the Battle of Midway in 1942. The two after turrets (four of her 8.1 inch guns) were removed to make way for an increased number of floatplanes.

At the start of WWII in the Pacific, MOGAMI was part of Rear Admiral Takeo Kurita’s 7th Cruiser Squadron in the South China Sea. From December 1941 through April 1942, she helped cover Japan’s eastward movement through landings in Malaysia, Java, Sumatra, and the Andaman Islands. On February 29, 1942, she took part in the Battle of the Sunda Strait during which HMAS PERTH and USS HOUSTON were sunk, and in early April, she raided merchant shipping in conjunction with operations against Ceylon. On May 27, MOGAMI sailed from Guam as part of the covering force for the invasion of Midway. On June 5, 1942, she and her sister ship MIKUMA collided while trying to evade submarine USS TAMBOR, and the next day they were attacked by American dive-bombers from USS ENTERPRISE and USS YORKTOWN. MIKUMA was sunk, but despite horrendous damage, MOGAMI, under Captain Sato, escaped to Truk.

The Yankee Modelworks kit of the IJN Mogami represents her at the Battle of Midway. The kit consists of Resin, white metal, & photo-etch parts. A complete set of instructions is included with the kit.


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