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We offer an extensive range of wooden ship model kits which include instructions needed to complete a beautiful model ship.  We also sell tools, ship model fittings, paints, book, accessories, and more!


Check out lines of replica swords from Marto of Spain, beautiful Mermaid and Pirate prints, replica cannons, scale model figures, architectural model kits, and more! These magnificent tall ship model kits include detailed instructions and rigging diagrams. 




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For centuries, sailors on the high seas have told tales of a strange ghost ship, veiled in an eerie light, never able to make port, and doomed to sail the seas forever.

And, while legends say the appearance of the phantom ship portends doom, the sighting of the new Flying Dutchman kit from OcCre is a sign of many hours of enjoyment in store for you.

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Ages of Sail is proud to announce that we are now a dealer of Aero-naut products from Germany. This a line of primarily RC boats and ships and related fittings.

The boat and ship kits feature either wooden or pre-made plastic hulls, and there is a wide range of models, from small harbor pilot boats to WWII battleships!

Get into the water with one of these great RC kits!

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As the North American distributor for Amati Model, and now Latin America, we are able to provide our customers with replacement parts should you break or lose a part from your Amati model kit purchased from us or one of the retailers we supply. When contacting us, be sure to indicate the specific model kit, description of the missing or broken part (a photo or scan from the plans or instructions is helpful), and the purchase date and retailer name.

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Sir Francis Drakes ship of exploration was a small English galleon called the Golden Hind. Drake circumnavigated the world in this ship between 1577 and 1580 (wikipedia entry). This sailing ship is a popular subject of wooden ship modelers, and Ages of Sail carries several different kits.

OcCre's wooden model ship kit is probably the most popular at the time. This plank-on-bulkhead kit is easy enough for new builders, but includes beautiful quality wood, and carries an affordable price.

Constructo makes a much bigger ship model kit, which features more cast metal fittings, which have a better, more realistic appearance, but it probably for more advanced ship modelers.

We also carry Golden Hind kits from Mamoli, Mini-Mamoli, and offer a Deluxe Combo Set that includes tools, glues, and more, based on the OcCre model kit.


HMS Bounty was an armed merchant ship in service with the British Royal Navy, and it was on a mission to collect breadfruit plants in the South Pacific, but the ship is most well known for the infamous mutiny against Captain Bligh by a crew led by Fletcher Christian (wikipedia entry). This 3-masted square-riggers is another popular subject among ship model builders.

Amati's kit may be the most beautiful of the available wooden model kits of Bounty. It is one recommended for advanced ship modelers, though a careful intermediate modeler might build a successful model

Amati's First Step kit is a small, solid hull, wooden model ship kit designed for the first time ship modeler, young or old.

Artesania Latina's kit as well as OcCre's kit actually have one side of the ship open, showing the framing and life aboard. This is a more expensive kit, and far more challenging, but it's fun and interesting to look at when it's done.

Other Bounty kits include ones from Constructo Jr., Constructo, Mantua, Caldercraft, Billing Boats, and more!


What ship modeler doesn't dream of building a model of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson's flagship at Trafalgar? (wikipedia entry) The Victory was a 100-gun first-rate ship of the line that is one of the most complicated ship model builds available. Kits of the Victory are available from many manufacturers, and some of them are simplified versions of the ship, so you to choose the complexity of your build. Any version will still be a serious challenge.

Caldercraft makes what is currently the largest and most detail wooden kit of HMS Victory on the market. This 1/72-scale plank-on-bulkhead wooden model ship kit is highly prized among model ship builders.

Mantua makes a few different HMS Victory kits including this smaller 1/200-scale kit that's small in size, but big on detail. This kit will provide to be a challenge that won't take up a lot of shelf space.

Corel's HMS Victory kit is a classic wooden model ship kit that has been one of the more popular kits of Nelson's famed ship of the line.

Many other kits are available including those from Billing Boats, Constructo, Mantua/Panart, Mantua, Mamoli, and even a paper model version from Shipyard.


Pirates are all the rage in popular culture these days, though the real ones were murderous cutthroats and seagoing robbers. Still, who wouldn't love to build a wooden ship model of a pirate ship under sail, flying the Jolly Roger? At Ages of Sail, we have more pirate ship model kits than you can shake a hook at. Check out these popular wooden model ship kits:

OcCre's Buccaneer kit is a designed for beginning ship modelers, but offers the look of the classic pirate ship. The kit features a double-planked hull using a beautiful looking finish wood, and even includes a set of pre-sewn sails and, of course, a Jolly Roger flag.

Amati's First Step series Pirate Ship is ideal for the first time model builder, young or old. This easy to build series of wooden model ship kits feature a simple solid-hull designed for ease of construction.

Other pirate ship model kits include Amati's Adventure, Mini-Mamoli's Black Queen, Amati's Pirate Junk, OcCre's Corsair, Mantua's Black Falcon, Mamoli's Blackbeard Pirate Ship, and BlueJacket's Pirate Brig.


The ships of the great explorers of the golden age of sail are a popular subject among those looking for a wooden ship model kit, and one of these is the ship of Captain Cook's famous voyages into the Pacific. 

OcCre's HMS Endeavour kit is one of the largest and most complete at 1/54-scale. This plank-on-bulkhead wooden model ship kit includes a good set of instructions that should make this challenging subject a bit easier. 

Caldercraft's wooden model ship kit is among the smallest of the available Endeavour kits, but it's scale accuracy is excellent, making it a popular kit.

Constructo's HMS Endeavour kit is designed to build into a classic and beautiful wooden ship model that is bound to make you proud when complete.

Other kits of the famous ship include ones from Billing Boats, Corel, Mantua, and paper model version from Shipyard.


Many expeditions have search the frigid waters of both the Arctic and the Arctic. The search for new territories and new trade routes have caused many to risk life and limb in their quests, and here are a few available to wooden model ship kit builders.

Astrolabe was a French warship which discovered many new territories for France in the 1800s, and Mantua makes a beautiful kit of this famous ship.

HMS Terror was one of two ships of the ill-fated Franklin Expedition sent into Arctic waters in search of the allusive Northwest Passage. OcCre's kit is a faithful reproduction of this bomb vessel turned explorer.

Gjoa was the first ship to find and successfully navigate the Northwest Passage. Roal Amundsen's ship is well represented by this beatiful wood ship model kit from Constructo of Spain.

Endurance was the Antarctic exploration ship of Sir Ernest Shacklton. OcCre's kit of this famed expedition ship is well detailed and has become quite a popular kit following the recent discovery of the sunken ship which was found amazingly intact.

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