Hermione, Frigate of La Fayette (Artesania Latina, 1:89)

Hermione, Frigate of La Fayette (Artesania Latina, 1:89)

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Artesania Latina Hermione La Fayette

Part #AL22517N

Scale 1:89
Length: 29.6"
Height: 23.3"



On March 21, 1780, the young Marques de La Fayette embarked on the Hermione, setting sail for America to fight alongside the American insurgents in the struggle for their independence. Two years earlier, at the Rochefort Arsenal, in a building berth close to the Cordeire Royale, work had begun on the Hermione, a light 12-pounder frigate, over 64 meters long weighing in at more than 1200 tons and with a sail surface of over 1500 square meters, spread on the 3 masts. The Hermione was built from plans drawn up by the engineer-shipbuilder Chevilliard l’aine.

All parts of this wooden model ship kit are laser cut for accuracy in this plank-on-bulkhead kit. This Kit uses woods such as Plywood, Boxwood, Sapelly and Manzonia. Cast metal and wooden fittings include lion figurehead, bell and bell tower, ship's boats, blocks, deadeyes, cannons, and more. All necessary rigging line and a full set of hand sewn sails complete this model. Instructions are well illustrated, easy to follow, and step-by-step, showing every phase of construction.

This is the newest version of this kit, designed with improved scale and detail accuracy over the old kit. Also includes a complete set of instructions on CD (PC/Mac requires), with more than 2000 construction photos!

Instructions are supplied on a CD that must be used on a computer with a disc drive. You can also download the instructions from the links below:

Instructions 1

Instructions 2

Parts List

This kit is suitable for anyone with previous ship model building experience.

Scale 1:89
Length: 29.6"
Height: 23.3"


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