*** Beginning Ship Modelers ***

Welcome to the World of Ship Modeling!

Ship modeling is a very rewarding hobby, but it can be extremely challenging. So Ages of Sail has put together a selection of model ship kits, books and accessories that are ideal for the beginning ship modeler. All of the kits here feature wooden hulls.

Some model ship kits include pre-carved hulls that require only painting to finish. For the more adventurous, we have also listed several kits that have plank-on-bulkhead style hulls. These kits begin with a wooden framework onto which you lay individual planks, much like real wooden ships.

Beginner model ship kits, generally feature simpler rigging and are an ideal stepping stone towards building more complex square riggers and ships of the line.

Also listed here are several books that will serve you for years as guides to your ship model construction projects.

To make ordering easier, we've also created several combination sets that include much of what you need to get started.

We also highly recommend purchasing a subscription to the Ship Modeling for Dummies website. This site, put together by an accomplished ship modeler, contains an enormous amount of information that will help you whether you're just starting out or have been building for years.

Feel free to email or call us if you have questions about our selection. We're happy to help!

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