Model boat kits and wooden ship kits are interesting activities for nautical admirers of all ages because they bring together historical authenticity, educational value, customization options, and craftsmanship. A lot of wooden ship model kits and wooden boat model kits are carefully created to perfectly replicate historical vessels. Admirers can reconstruct iconic wooden warship model, commerce ships, and sailing yachts from various historical periods, preserving maritime history in incredible detail.

Wood ship kits are available in a range of scales and levels of complexity that fit the needs of beginners and expert modelers alike. There are wooden ship kits available designed for every skill level and interest, whether you are a novice searching for a simple construction or an experienced enthusiast seeking a hard endeavor.

BlueJacket is one of the leading manufacturers of quality model boat kits and wooden ship kits which focuses on the American subject. We have a variety of wooden ship models available, such as historic model ships, wooden warship model kits, wooden yacht model kits, scale model ships kits, sailing wooden model ship kits.

Some of the most popular wooden ship kits are America BluejacketDiesel Tugboat, Pirate Brig, etc.

Most wooden ship model kits feature pre-carved solid wood hull, but many kits are laser-cut plank-on-bulkhead and some are even true plank-on-frame kits. Additionally, BlueJacket offers the Laughing Whale line of kits, which mostly consist of small American wooden boat model kits. However, you will discover that these wood ship kits are high-quality kits covering timeless topics, though. The Bluejacket model ship kits are made in the USA with the finest materials and precise measurements and blueprints in order to ensure that every wooden ship kit are an authentic copy of the original vessel. The blueprints and instructions are entirely available in English.

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