Battleship Bismarck, Kriegsmarine 1941 (Amati, 1:200)

Battleship Bismarck, Kriegsmarine 1941 (Amati, 1:200)

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Scale 1:200
Length 50 inch (1270mm)
Height 11.5 inch (292mm)
Width 7.2 inch (182mm)


German Battleship Bismarck - Wooden Model Ship Kit by Amati Model

Launched in 1939, the battleship Bismarck was Germany’s latest weapon in its war against the Allies. The ship was armed with a main battery of eith 15-inch guns mounted in pairs in four turrets. Her secondary armament consisted of twelve 5.9-inch guns, sixteen 4.1-inch guns, sixteen 1.5-inch guns, and twelve 20mm anti-aircraft guns. The ship carried a crew of 2000 men, displaced over 50,000 tons fully loaded, and measured over 800 feet long, overall.

The Model

Bismarck is latest kit from Amati, just released for Summer '21. At 1:200 scale, this is a BIG model, over 4 feet long! The kit features a single-planked wooden hull of plank-on-bulkhead construction, with laser cut parts for the keel and bulkheads, as well as for the deck structures.

Being a wooden model kit, the deck is, of course, real wood, just like the real ship. This is a massive kit, not just in size, but in the quantity of materials. 16 laser-cut plywood sheets, plus more than 2200 photo-etched brass parts! This a kit that will test your skills. Complete this challenge, and you'll have one of the most amazing models on display anywhere.

Scale 1:200
Length 50 inch (1270mm)
Height 11.5 inch (292mm)
Width 7.2 inch (182mm)


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