USS Constitution (Billing Boats, 1:100)

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USS Constitution (Billing Boats, 1:100)

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Billing Boats wooden model ship of the USS Constitution

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Scale: 1:100; L:91cm, H:67, W:27



Scale wooden model ship of the USS Constitution

Scale: 1:100; L:91cm, H:67, W:27

USS Constitution is a wooden-hulled, three-masted heavy frigate of the United States Navy. Named by President George Washington after the Constitution of the United States of America, she is the world’s oldest floating commissioned naval vessel.[Note 1] Launched in 1797, Constitution was one of six original frigates authorized for construction by the Naval Act of 1794. Joshua Humphreys designed the frigates to be the young Navy’s capital ships, and so Constitution and her sisters were larger and more heavily armed and built than standard frigates of the period. Built in Boston, Massachusetts at Edmund Hartt’s shipyard, her first duties with the newly formed United States Navy were to provide protection for American merchant shipping during the Quasi-War with France and to defeat the Barbary pirates in the First Barbary War.


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