HMS Victory Limited Edition (OcCre, 1:87)

HMS Victory Limited Edition (OcCre, 1:87)

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Scale 1/87
Height 785 mm
Length 1172 mm
Width 406 mm



 HMS Victory Model Ship

Discover the exclusivity in every single detail with the limited edition of OcCre's HMS Victory. Each of the 999 units worldwide is numbered, ensuring a unique piece in your collection. A tribute to history that only a fortunate few will possess.

The HMS Victory is an exclusive gem from OcCre. Developed by our expert craftsmen for over 2 years, this model comes with the official certification from The National Museum of the Royal Navy.

The OcCre HMS Victory model includes:

  • Official license from the National Museum of the Royal Navy
  • Limited edition numbered to 999 units
  • Numbered brass plate
  • Numbered wooden packaging
  • Instruction book bound with 759 step-by-step photos
  • Exclusive collector's coin
  • Solid oak base
  • Shipyard, arsenal, or construction model
  • HMS Victory Model Features
  • Shipyard, arsenal, or construction model
  • more than 4,000 parts
  • more than 2 years of development
  • Scale: 1/87
  • Width: 406mm
  • Height: 785mm
  • Length: 1172mm
  • Experience Expert
  • Model Type Arsenal or Shipyard Model


Solid Oak Wood
Strength and Beauty in Every Grain
Frames / Keel / Interior Longitudinal Strips / Stand

Solid Mahogany Wood
Natural Elegance, Endless Durability
Bow / Sternpost / Rudder Blade / Ornamentation / Cannon Carriages / Wheels / Stern Gallery / Quarter Galleries

To withstand the force of the wind
Sails meticulously hand-sewn with bolt ropes / Dyed and braided threads

Cast and Brass
Details in Cast Metal, Gleaming in Brass
Ornamentation / Cannons / Supports / Stern Gallery / Quarter Galleries

History of the HMS Victory Ship

The HMS Victory is a British ship of the line, famous for its participation in the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar as the flagship of Admiral Horatio Nelson. In its time, it was the largest ship in the British Royal Navy. Although it now resides in dry dock at the port of Portsmouth in Hampshire, southern England, as a museum, the Victory remains the flagship of the Second Sea Lord, an honorary distinction within the British Royal Navy.

Did you know that you can admire the magnificent HMS Victory at the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth? There, you will have the incredible opportunity to explore every corner of the HMS Victory, from the majestic Great Cabin where intricate battle plans were laid out, to the humble lower gun deck, where you can imagine what it was like to live and fight under the command of Vice Admiral Lord Nelson. The museum is located 2 hours south of London and is a must-visit for all ship and history enthusiasts.


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