Mayflower- 1st Step (Amati, 1:135)

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Mayflower- 1st Step (Amati, 1:135)

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Part #AM600/05
Scale: 1:135
Length: 11.4"
Width: 2.4"
Height: 9.5"



Mayflower - 1st Step Beginner's Kit from Amati

The well known Mayflower was the ship that in 1620 transported the Pilgrim Fathers from England to the New World where they could finally find that religious freedom they were looking for. The Mayflower, chartered by the Pilgrim Fathers, was a typical English galleon with high and bright color decorated bulwarks. The ship was finally broken up and her timbers were used to build fishermen's shelters along the banks of the Thamese. Actually, the Mayflower refers to the rose, symbol of England.

This model, together with all the others making up the First Step series, does not require any previous model maker experience and no specic tools are needed. Your imagination will suggest you how to embellish it with all Amati accessories or you could add your own decorations on bulwarks and decks.

This model is not a toy.

Scale: 1:135 Length: 11.4" Width: 2.4" Height: 9.5"


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