San Felipe (OcCre, 1:86)

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San Felipe (OcCre, 1:86)

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Scale: 1/86
Width: 320mm
Height: 630mm
Length: 830mm
Difficulty: High



Includes a wooden plaque with the model's name.
Includes the sails.

Step-by-step Video Tutorials.
Instructions in 5 languages.
HD Step-by-step Photos.
Parts list with measurements and materials.
IP card to identify the parts.
Scale Plans.
High-quality Model.
Lifetime Warranty.

The model reproduction is faithful to the original. Our model kits provide all the necessary elements for the ship model to be real, down to the most specific naval details you can imagine.

San Felipe Ship History

The vessel known by several names, such as "San Felipe," "El Real," or "Real Felipe," is named after Felipe V of Spain, the first king of the Bourbon dynasty in Spain.

This ship, built in 1716 at the shipyards of San Feliú de Gixols, is a three-deck first-class warship. Its design includes a robust construction with double internal and external planking, providing great hull strength.

The magnitude of its construction, which used over 4,000 trees, contributed to deforestation in Spain according to some historians.

With 108 cannons and impressive measurements of 67 meters in length, 16.5 meters in beam, and 12 meters in height, the San Felipe, adorned with majestic sculptures, was a formidable adversary capable of facing any enemy of the time.

Its service began in the Sardinia campaign in October 1717 under the command of squadron leader D. Esteban Mari Centurione. Subsequently, it participated in the Sicily campaign in 1718 under the direction of Captain D. Pedro Despoix and squadron leader D. Antonio Gaztañeta e Iturribalzaga.

After completing its mission, the San Felipe was taken to Syracuse and then sent to Mahón, which was under British control. However, negligence resulted in a fire and explosion, completely destroying the San Felipe.

San Felipe Ship Model Features

Scale: 1/86
Width: 320mm
Height: 630mm
Length: 830mm
Difficulty: High

Relive the Naval Era: The OcCre San Felipe model is not just a modeling kit; it's an immersion into naval history. This model offers a unique experience, combining historical accuracy with the satisfaction of building a detailed replica of one of the most legendary ships. Perfect for modeling enthusiasts and maritime history buffs, the San Felipe represents a rewarding challenge culminating in a masterpiece of pride and historical heritage.


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