Santiago De Compostela (Disar, 1/72)

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Santiago De Compostela (Disar, 1/72)

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Wooden Model Ship Kit Santiago De Compostela by Disar

Part #DI20170

Length: 750mm (29.5"), Height: 520mm (20.4"), Width: 270mmm (10.6"), Scale: 1/72



Santiago de Compostela was a Spanish galleon of the 1500s. Galleons were initially armed merchant ships, an evolution of the carrack, but optimized for ocean-going travel. The ship's had tall stern for forecastles which would allow them to fire down and sweep the deck of enemy ships, or to fire down on their own deck if boarded. The ships were well armed and could be used for commerce or for war. Santiago de Compostela was equipped with four masts, the first two being rigged with square sails, while the third and fourth masts were rigged with lateen sails. 

Disar's amazing models come with precision laser cut sheets along with wood of the highest quality.  Flags and pre-sewn sails are included.  These models come with intricate metal and wooden fittings to decorate these ships with life-like realism. For the ease of assembly, Disar provides step by step photo instructions with text to help for every picture.

Length: 750mm (29.5")

Height: 520mm (20.4")

Width: 270mmm (10.6")

Scale: 1/72


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