Silhouet (Constructo, 1:60)

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Silhouet (Constructo, 1:60)

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Constructo Wooden Model Ship kit Silhouet

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Scale: 1:60; H: 45cm (17.75in); L: 48cm (19in); W: 12cm (4.75in)



The Silhouet is a fluvial boat built in 1893 in Groningen, Holland. This type of boat called "Tjalk" is typical and worked as a light cargo ship in the inland waters of Holland. The Silhouet is a two-barge barge. This Dutch ship operated as a small barge, transporting all kinds of material through the Dutch canals. Since this ship did not have a keel, it could navigate through shallow waters. There are still many boats of this type, carefully maintained by their owners. Championships are held between these boats, of which the most famous is the "Skûtsjesilen". Some have become small cruises. The Silhouet has also been rebuilt that way since 1990, so the cabins can be seen above the deck. 

Contains the traditional construction kit. It is a wooden and metal boat, scale 1:60. Hollow hull with false keel and ribs laser cut. Pre-cut pieces in wood, turned brass and cast parts for details. Assembly instruction book in 7 languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese. Detailed instructions with photos of the step by step assembly. It also includes 2 plans with all the views and details necessary for its construction.

Scale: 1:60; H: 45cm (17.75in); L: 48cm (19in); W: 12cm (4.75in)


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